How To Measure Guides

Measuring for blinds is simple!

Inside Mount - measure the exact size of the window - DO NOT make any deductions

Outside Mount - measure the exact size YOU want

How to Measure:

  • Always use a steel measuring tape and measure in millimetres.
  • Windows are often not square.
  • Measure all your windows even if they appear to be the same.
  • Decide if you want your blinds to sit within the reveal of your window (inside mount), or on your architrave (outside mount).
  • If you require an inside mount ensure that there is sufficient space for the blind to sit inside the reveal. Remember to take into consideration any handles or other obstructions that could interfere with the operation of the blind.
  • Specialty shapes and skylights please email a diagram  to 
  • If you are unsure ask!

Measuring for the inside mount:

  • Measure the exact window opening size. Do not make any deductions. We will make allowances to allow free movement of the blind within the window reveal.
  • Width: Measure in three (3) places (top, middle and bottom), and use the narrowest measurement.
  • Height: Measure in three (3) places and use the tallest measurement.

Measuring for the outside mount:

  • You determine the exact width you want your blind. The factory will make your blind the exact size you specify. No deductions are taken