Thank you we will now get some measurements for the final 5 blinds that we need to replace.  We are very impressed by how well the blinds insulate the house from the cold here in Melbourne.

Best wishes



Hi Merimy,

Our blinds arrived yesterday, and have been fitted. They work beautifully, and the big bonus is they arrived before we go away.

The prompt service is very much appreciated.




Hi Merimy

I wanted to let you know my blinds have been installed and apart from being just STUNNING they also keep the rooms warmer. I am so pleased with them. Thanks


Altona Victoria


Hi Merimy

We received our blinds yesterday and were so happy to get them so early, thank you! This is the third time we've ordered blinds from you and we have been very happy with it all and recommended your company to others. You have great products and easy to order.Thank you again, kind regards

Margaret C

Hi Merimy,

Thank you, our blinds look fabulous.  Our daughter's room was actually dark this morning, even though the sun was up. The colour looks great and finishes the rooms beautifully.

Thank you for all your help in choosing colours and giving advice and overall for your professionalism and prompt communication. 

From Christabel


Hi Merimy,
This has been a long time coming but I've uploaded a few photos of our new sheer-honeycomb blockout day-night blind for you; see http://home.netspeed.com.au/b1_and_b2/BlindSheer.jpg, BlindHalfHalf.jpg and BlindBlockout.jpg. I'm sorry there's not more of a long shot but this room is still a bit chockers while we shuffle things around other renovations.
Moving straight onto the most important consideration, my wife really likes this blind. The action is smooth, the sheer lets us look out but is quite opaque from the outside during the day, and the blockout is complete blockout. We'll see in winter but it also looks like it will provide good insulation on that window too.
For my part, I'm very happy with the advice you've given me, and that we agree on what plain white looks like (no offence, it's always a bit of a leap of faith choosing colours online). Thanks for all your assistance. (see  client photos in gallery)

Hi Merimy,
We received the blind. All good and it looks great. Thank you for your service. 
Next step will be to order more so that I can finish with all the windows in the lounge/living area. I will let you know.
Thanks again. 
All the best

East Perth
Western Australia



 Hi Merimy,

Finally! Here are some pictures of the  vertical honeycomb blinds. We ended up going with the architrave option you suggested, thank you so much. You will have to pass that tip on to future customers to save them some time.
I'm very happy with the result. It's very functional & exactly the look I was hoping for (modern minimalistic).(see client photos in gallery)


Myrtle Bank

South Australia


Great, thank you.
 I will send you a photo when I get a moment. The big windows look amazing. Ill send you a pic, (see pics in client gallery)
 Kind regards




Hi Merimy
No matter how many I took I just couldn't get the exposure right, either the room looked black or the windows looked washed out. Obviously I am not a great photographer.

Thanks for all your help Merimy and feel free to show these to any potential customers, just remember to them I'm a lousy photographer and they look better in real life. (see Client photos in gallery)

We have bought many blinds from Beautiful Blinds over the past few months and I cannot fault the pricing, quality or service. I rarely recommend a company but Merimy has been great and I can assure everyone there is nothing in it for me to recommend her.

Best Regards



New South Wales


I’ve been meaning to contact you and thank you for the blinds –all fit perfectly except one small window which we measured incorrectly (we will get around to ordering a correct one).

They are brilliant – we hardly used the aircon in summer and we’ve only used the heater a few times this winter.
Kind Regards


Perth Western Australia



We purchased honeycomb blinds for our entire house from Beautiful Blinds in April 2014. From the time we fist made enquiries via the link on the website to the arrival of the blinds the service was excellent. All our questions were answered, samples were dispatched on request and our colour, mechanisms and style deliberations were patiently dealt with. The price was much cheaper than any competitor and I will happily recommend Beautiful Blinds to any-one who is looking for window furnishings.
Astrid Ketelaar

West Launceston