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Sheer Honeycomb Blinds

Sheer honeycomb fabric is generally used in conjunction with a light filtering (translucent) or blockout fabric to make up a day night blind whereby the sheer provides day time privacy and the light filtering or blockout provides night time privacy and thermal insulation. The sheer fabric is not generally used on its own as it has no thermal benefit.

Sheer honeycomb cellular fabric is found in our Portrait, View and Arena ranges. Arena and View only have 20mm sheer fabric, where as the Portrait Collection has 10mm, 20mm and 30mm. The Portrait range also offers a day night Sheer/blockout vertical honeycomb as well as standard day night blinds in cordless, cordlock and chain drive versions.

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Light Filtering (Translucent) Honeycomb Blinds

Light filtering or translucent honeycomb, cellular blinds are extremely thermally efficient blinds, mostly used in living areas where filtered light is required during the day and privacy at night. These fabrics are available in 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and double cell ranges in almost 500 colours over our 6 comprehensive  ranges. All good quality fabric is white on the outside and coloured inside. Blinds up to 4,000mm wide can be made in some ranges with motorised options available. Most ranges can be made between 3,000mm and 3,600mm wide accommodating the large expanses of glass that we have here in Australia unlike the European  and US ranges which only accommodate much smaller windows.

Light filtering (translucent ) cellular fabric is suitable for all areas including bathrooms. The fabric is 100% spun polyester, anti static, dust repellent, mould resistant, and can be immersed in water and cleaned with mild detergents. It can also be ultrasonically cleaned.

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Blockout Honeycomb Blinds

Blockout honeycomb cellular blinds are the most thermally efficient window furnishing products in the market place today. The polyester fabric is foil lined to create a very efficient thermal barrier and also provides room darkening for bedrooms or media rooms where the consumer requires a totally dark room. Block out honeycombs are available in 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and double cell versions in around 300 colours. All our fabric is very high quality and all ranges have a white backing to reflect heat in hot areas. Not all versions are available in all ranges.


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Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds

Top down bottom up honeycombs are available in all ranges and are ideal where privacy is required in the bottom half of the window and the top half is open. These blinds can be ‘floated‘ anywhere in the window. Top down bottom up cellular blinds can be made in light filtering or blockout fabrics.

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Vertical Honeycomb Blinds

Vertical honeycomb blinds are made in 20mm and 30mm single cell light fabrics. These are only available in our Portrait range and single blinds can be made up to 3,600mm wide. These are particularly suitable for sliding doors where horizontal blinds are not suitable. They take up very little room compared to panel glides or vertical blinds and of course maintain thermal efficiency.  They are also available as a day night option, with one side sheer and the other either blockout or light filtering.

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Day Night Honeycomb Blinds

Daynight honeycomb cellular blinds are 2 blinds on one headrail offering day time visibility from inside while maintaining privacy from outside with a sheer top half, and night time privacy with either a light filtering or blockout bottom half. Day night blinds are available in cordlock, cordless, chaindrive and motorised options. An excellent solution for those areas requiring day time privacy while still maximizing thermal efficiency. They also take up far less space than double roller blinds and provide the insulation that roller blinds do not have.

Please Note for Portrait Day Night Blinds:

Options for Portrait Day Night Blinds are: Sheer with Blockout OR Sheer with Light Filtering.

Light Filtering with Blockout is not available.

Sheer is only available for the TOP blind, and is only available in Single Cell, but can be ordered with a Double Cell Bottom Blind

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Skylight Honeycomb Blinds

Skylight honeycomb blinds are available in both light filtering (translucent) or blockout fabric, as either 10mm single cell (Portrait & Arena) or 20mm Single Cell (View & Arena), and 10mm Double Cell (View Range). They are an ideal cordless solution for skylights . They are extremely thermally efficient keeping the heat out during very hot days and the cold out at night. We offer both skylight blinds encased in side channels (Arena) as well as wire guide skylights (View).

Portrait Skylights (Smartfit)  can be ordered with Light Guard or Decoframe.

View Skylights can also be motorised

Skylights are ideal in atriums and conservatories where day time heat is often magnified.


Smart Fit - https://www.honeycombblinds.com.au/category-portrait-smart-fit-93.aspx

Light Guard - https://www.honeycombblinds.com.au/category-portrait-light-guard-90.aspx

Photo Gallery - https://www.honeycombblinds.com.au/galleryitems.aspx?id=2

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Specialized Shapes

Honeycomb cellular blinds are the one window furnishing that can be made in to angled and semi circular arched shapes required in some architecturally designed houses with weird shaped windows that other types of blinds cannot be made into. We can generally offer a solution for all shapes of windows. Please ask if you are not sure.
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Perfect Fit

A unique system that fits neatly into a stylish frame allowing it to move together with the window/door.  The Perfect Fit system is for use on uPVC double glazed windows and are particularly suited for Tilt & Turn double glazed windows.  

You can choose one of the standard frame colours of White, Anodised, Anthracite Grey and Brown. The following colours are also available, at an additional cost, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Matt Grey as well has custom powdercoat colours.

For further information please phone 1300 304 661


  • A huge range of fabric colours and textures to match your interior design scheme
  • No drilling or screwing into your window frames for a quick and clean installation
  • Reduced gaps at the edge of the blinds increases your privacy
  • Child safe because there are no loose cords or loops
  • Energy efficient fabrics to save you money
  • Leaves window sills clutter free
  • Easily removable for cleaning


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Chaindrive Honeycomb Blinds

Chaindrive  systems are available in all our ranges and are ideal particularly for blockout blinds as the blockout fabric can get very heavy in large blinds.  All our ranges have a continuous looped cord chaindrive system. These blinds can be made up to 3,600mm wide, great for a large expanses of glass.
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Cordless Honeycomb Blinds

Cordless honeycomb cellular blind systems are available in all our ranges, some up to 3,000mm wide. This operational system is ideal where blinds are easily accessible and children are around. No cords. The system is particularly good on smaller windows. We also now have cordless day night and top down bottom up blinds available in our Portrait, Arena and Ecosmart ranges.
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Motorised Honeycomb Blinds

Home automation is becoming more and more popular and blind motorisation prices are dropping. Honeycomb blinds can be easily motorised and we offer several ranges with motorised options. Our Budget range offers hard wired solutions with remote controls while our Portrait, View, Arena and Spectrum ranges offer battery operated systems with rechargeable or solar packs. All of these systems are ideal for hard to get to windows or where very large blinds are required. Our hard wired systems use Somfy motors which can be incorporated into Cbus systems if required.
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Coming soon to the Website - SMARTDRAPE by Norman Australia

SmartDrape’s award-winning design echoes the look of S-fold curtains and provides the utmost in privacy and light control, while helping you to get the most out of your space in style with its collection of on-trend whites, off-whites, and greys. The unique individual vane construction lets you experience one of its two different built-in opacities.

Setting your shades to “open”, you’ll be able to view the sheer side which comes in a variety of patterns, while granting you a clearer view of the outside and better illumination. Rotate your shades to “closed” and you’ll activate the light filtering or room darkening capabilities, while still having the option to walk through the vanes as needed.

Norman SmartDrapes



Please call 1300 304 661 for further information.

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